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tagged: #scarecrow pony
tagged: #scarecrow pony
tagged: #scarecrow pony
tagged: #scarecrow pony



  • You can link stuff, but ask if you can link your blog.
  • Do not talk about triggering/ touchy subjects
  • Don’t be mean bro, that’s not cool
  • Try to censored  yourself
  • Don’t complain that i’m using join.me/ Pictario, i really don’t care
  • Don’t request stuff
  • Change your name in the stream


Mod does get distracted easily and makes random notes about things she finds while looking for a ref, mostly pertaining to scarecrow and poison ivy. If a feature moment comes don’t ask to be featured, the mod chooses randomly. Mod also has the right to kick anybody from the stream. Mod is a big bag of sarcasm, but surprisingly approachable, don’t be scared to talk. Active follower points don’t really exist to anyone but the mod

tl;dr Enjoy yourself and respect everyone 


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