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Help me get to New York, it’s been my dream to go there ever since I could remember. More about this trip is on my GoFundMe page.


If you have no money to donate, it’s fine if you just share this/ reblog it.

I will give drawings to people who donate!

  • $1= Crayon doodle of your character, OR a for sure feature in the blog (lots of features coming up!)
  • $5= Flat colored single pony
  • $15= Detailed pony and background of choice
  • $20= Animated walking cycle of the character of your choice
  • $30+ = All of the above, and a personal letter from me that includes an inked drawing

If you wish to just commission me, go here!
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tagged: #scarecrow pony


Please contact me through Tumblr, e-mail or whichever works best for you! You can find all my contact info @ dt-joel, thank you!

Alright so here’s the deal. Things have changed and suddenly my goal got a bit bigger and a bit more urgent. I’m currently working in a pretty toxic environment. Extremely unprofessional in just about every way you can think of.

It took me almost a year to find this job, and it’s been a really tough decision to make. I can’t keep working there. I’ve dealt with breaches of privacy, my co-worker handing out my personal phone number, slander from the same woman, and a boss that won’t do anything about it. Laughing it off and telling me “We’re a family, this is just how it works here.” 
I’ve had to deal with police and many lectures from poor training and me just not knowing what to do because I wasn’t taught in training. Discovering hidden alarm buttons by accident too. Fun stuff. They’ve forgotten the keys to the store, leaving me to stay behind at the store almost two extra hours after closing time until they get there to close it themselves, extending my shifts to be roughly around 11 hours each time.

I’ve been sexually harassed by my bosses friend. That situation was a mess, and I honestly wanted to quit the day it happened, but life is tough and I have a lot of stuff to pay. Grit my teeth and dealt with this awful place, right? A few days ago I had a panic attack at the terminal because of a big mess with a couple of angry customers and a boss I couldn’t get a hold of. I work for a Greyhound terminal / variety store. This is no big deal, I don’t mind working in retail at all, but this store is just hell. There’s only me and my co-worker, who calls in sick half her shifts and always gets the weekends off. My boss who doesn’t understand english and won’t listen to me because i’m new and what the other girl says is obviously more important than what I have to say.

This place is just the worst place i’ve worked at out of all the corner stores and dusty warehouses i’ve been employed at. So i’m quitting as soon as I can. If you guys wanna help out, i’m taking commissions now to just pay what I have to pay faster so I can get out faster. Without commissions, it’s going to be another 6 maybe 8 weeks there. Basically I need to make around $700, that is going to paying my most expensive bill rn, and towards paying off a master card. 

If you want to commission me or spread the word that would be awesome. Thanks so much, sorry for the rant.